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 injured or not????

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PostSubject: injured or not????   Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:23 pm

Timelord's music fills the arena to the usual chorus of boos, but Timelord is unfazed by it as he is still surrounded by policemen.

He reaches the ring and whips out a mic ready to speak.....

Well although all you lovely fans would love to see me preform tonight it's not going to happen,i'm still injured and unfit for competition.It would be a total injustice to display my talents when only half fit my doctors (laughs) have decided in their wisdom that even with K-9 help i still couldn't enterain my true Rev fans.So i will miss you all this week and will be thinking of you all when i relax at an exclusive resort far away safe from my attacker.It's his fault that you are all deprived off my talent so blame him not me.

or if Leon would prefer he could force me to compete and use this rp

What do you mean i'm wrestling tonight? NO way i'm injured my doctor's have ruled me out.
I'm not fighting (insert name here) no way this is a typical management fit up,what have i ever done to deserve this nothing i tell you nothing.This is totally not fair and i won't let this go without a fight

ooc either way LEON i'm cool as you know i'm away look forward to the shows on my return
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injured or not????
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