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 Title Eligibility for season 6

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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Title Eligibility for season 6   Sat Feb 21, 2009 9:38 pm

MemberState Title:

Champion: Bruiser Bob 47.115

No 1 Contender: "Miracle" Mike James 46.730

Other contenders in WS order only:

Snake 58,950
Kaluani 53.045
Leon Heart 52.560
Theram 52.440
Von Ryan 49.485
Yellow Girl 47.830
The Silent Man 47.540
Paulley 47,320
Stray 43.895
El Lobo 43.520
Bruise Li 42.850
DamienX 42.505

Pride Title:

Champion: Tyler Ford 38.150

No 1 Contender: Freelancer 37.955

Other Contenders in WS order only:

KristyDQT 41.180
"The hotshot" 40.575
Aquilus 40.285
SynysterG 39.760
sarkovic 38.895
Payne 37.685
Alexis LaCoeur 37.390
Choirboy 36.660
Distor 36.375
Samhain 36.330
Ace Douglas 36.280
Captain Parkes 36.205

Prestige Title

Champion: Hemorrhage 34.335

No 1 Contender: Undecided

The Pittsburgh 35.385
Julito 33.755
Baba Ganoush 33.685
James Young 33.135
Ogre McJoker 32.100
Damien Darkness 31.820
Devastator X 29.310
el cartographer 27.580
Vengeance 24.370
ivorlebon 22.245

Phoenix Title:

Champion: Vacant


The Overlord 20.440
Bad Blood 16.870
Captain Howdy 16.840
''The King'' 16.210
Zer0_k00L 14.320
Hong Kong Phooey 14.080

Hardcore Title:

Champion: Devastator X

No 1 Contender: The Pittsburgh Mauler

Open to anyone within roughly 5k of the champion at that time (must be defended each week under hardcore rules)

Tag Team Titles:

Champions: Vacant


Wolfpac (Yellow Girl & El Lobo)
Aquilus & MMJ
Von Bruisin' (Von Ryan & Bruiser Bob)
Silent Man & Paulley

Others to be confirmed

Cash In hand Briefcase:

Holder: Synyster G

Title shot must be cashed in on or before the last show of the season, and can only be cashed in for a title you are eligible for or higher, can also be used for a tag title shot.

The cash in hand briefcase can be won during the season of the holder, but only if holder agrees to compete for it.
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Title Eligibility for season 6
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