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 Hot Shot Down (open to Hot Shot)

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Mid Carder
Mid Carder

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PostSubject: Hot Shot Down (open to Hot Shot)   Tue Mar 03, 2009 2:38 pm

We are in the lockerroom of KristyDQT. KristyDQT looks very unsecure and questioning.

KristyDQT with a worried voice to JiJi: "Are you sure we did the right thing here?"

JiJi full of confidence:" Yes ofc we did the right thing. We did this to make sure that the UNWA feels the presence and the right to be overwhlemed by the biggest danish/filipino superstar of the wrestling world. We are statuating an example of confidence!"

KristyDQT still worried:" I guess so....But .."

JiJi interrupts: "No buts, i went to Leon Hearts office looked him straight into his face and told him we are tired of this, but we are not broken. We are actually so sure in your comming ou victorious against the socalled Hot Shot that we want to make the matchup a oneway looser leaves town matchup."

KristyDQT tries to man himself up. " Yes i know"

JiJi goes on:" You either win the matchup tonight or our contracts with the UNWA are nulliffied and we will have to leave town."

Just as JiJi finishes her sentence the door to the lockerrom suddenly opens....

(ooc hopeing that you could get in here hot shot!)
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"the hotshot"
Title Challenger
Title Challenger

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PostSubject: Re: Hot Shot Down (open to Hot Shot)   Thu Mar 05, 2009 8:07 am

(In walks Jimmy dressed in blue jeans and his stetson , he is shirtless and seems to have been in the process of getting changed)

Jimmy - "Hi there Gentlemen i'm sorry I was just ... "

( J.J stop's for a second and takes a second look at the twosome, he appears to have opened the wrong at his locker room door )

Jimmy - "...Now correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you KirstyDQT ? , your the guy who challenged me to a match where you if you lose you leave town right ? . I'm not really sure what issue we have but heck you want to throw your contract away i'm sure I can take the time out to stretch you a little bit . "

( Jimmy stop's and looks them over again )

Jimmy - " Just why is it you want this match anyway sir ?"
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Mid Carder
Mid Carder

Number of posts : 57
Registration date : 2008-12-01

PostSubject: Re: Hot Shot Down (open to Hot Shot)   Thu Mar 05, 2009 4:37 pm

(ooc hope vgms can turn it since i end my rp in my room and im starting yours in your room, but easily connected;) and JiJi is a woman! ill just use it in the rp though hehe)

KristyDQT looks more confident and says:" First off i didnt want the matchup against you, Leon Heart made it...Second off i have now been in the UNWA for nearly a year and its time to start excelling or leaving."

KristyDQt pauses after the last words , looks over on JiJi as if he is looking for her acceptance. As JiJi nods KristyDQT goes on:" You dont need to worry, it is a one way Looser Leaves Town matchup, so when you loose nothing happens, should i however by a miracle loose this fight i will leave the UNWA."

KristyDQT adds:" And Leon Heart also made the matchup a 2 out of 3 submission matchup, probably one of the last matchups i would have chosen against you, since i am more into dishing out the damage then makeing people submit! But nonetheless, i hope these answers your questions. Unless you have more to ask, i'll see ya in the ring."

As KristyDQt and JiJi are leaving JiJi madly shouts:" And get some freaking glasses before you call me a gentleman next time!"
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PostSubject: Re: Hot Shot Down (open to Hot Shot)   

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Hot Shot Down (open to Hot Shot)
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