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 It's on like Donkey Kong

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It's on like Donkey Kong Empty
PostSubject: It's on like Donkey Kong   It's on like Donkey Kong EmptyWed May 27, 2009 1:26 pm

**The crowd is cheering the sight of Baba Ganoush & Lola in the center of the ring. There are small pockets of boos in the arena as Lola begins to speak.**

Lola - 'Baba and I want to thank you all for that warm welcome. As you all can see, there's going to be a huge 6 man match to determine who will be the number one contender for my Baba's belt...'

**The crowd cheers as the pictures of James Young, Ghetto Blaster, Julito, El Cartographer, Captain Parkes, and Distor appear on the Titantron. Baba claps as well seeing the competition lined up to face him. Lola quickly gives him a look and he immediately stops.**

Lola - 'The way we figure it, none of those fakes deserve to be champion. Baba & I know how two-faced everybody is, playing nice with you one moment, then backstabbing you when they get the chance....'

**The crowd suddenly becomes a mixture of cheers of encouragement and boos. Lola starts becoming more annoyed.**

Lola - 'You're booing us? How could you? Don't you understand how much Baba and I have done for the UNWA? You're just as bad as....'

**Suddenly, the Titantron powers down and all the lights go off in the arena save for the spotlight aimed at the couple. Then, a faint whistle can be heard near the top of the stands. Another light comes on, and the crowd erupts into applause and cheers as Choirboy stands in the aisle, smiling.**

Lola - 'Choirboy? What are you doing here interrupting our time? What kind of...'

Choirboy - 'What kind of man would want to put up with your shrill voice? That's exactly what I was going to ask myself Lola....'

**The crowd cheers and laughs as Choirboy starts walking up the aisle to get to floor level. Lola starts to fume.**

Choirboy - 'You see Lola, I think you're missing the point here. It's not that no one likes Baba, or adores him. Baba has a lot of fans, doesn't he folks?'

**The crowd cheers Baba's name, as Choirboy hops over the security barrier. Baba smiles and waves at the crowd, which, again, makes Lola glare at him. Baba sees her glare and stops, then looks down at the ground. Choirboy enters the ring and stands face to face with Baba.**

Choirboy - 'Fact is, the only reason you're hearing any boos is because you're talking the same old trash over and over and OVER again. Give people a rest Lola. They've come to watch a good show, and not some cranky pregnant woman barking orders like a drill sargent.'

**The crowd cheers as Lola glares at Choirboy. Choirboy looks back at her with a huge smile on his face.**

Choirboy - 'Do yourself a favor Baba, and walk away from this....'

**Lola quickly executes a VERY WEAK slap across Choirboy's face making the crowd gasp. Choirboy laughs as Lola slaps him again, this time loud enough for the entire audience to hear it. Choirboy takes a step forward, and Lola takes one step back and falls onto the mat. Baba looks up and sees Choirboy towering over Lola and it sends him into a frenzy. He quickly jumps Choirboy from behind, sending him into the ropes, then nearly decapitating him with a violent discus clothesline. The crowd starts to boo as Baba continues his assault, with Lola looking on with a sinister sneer on her lips. Choirboy manages to get a hold of Baba's ankle, and pulls him down to the ground, executing a devastating Penance. Baba writhes in agony as Choirboy applies more pressure. Security shows up and starts separating the two men, with Lola crying on Baba's shoulder.**

Choirboy - 'Sneak attack eh Baba? I'll get you later in this ring, and we'll see who'll be crying then...'
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It's on like Donkey Kong
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