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 Monty's Here!

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Montgomery May

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PostSubject: Monty's Here!   Monty's Here! EmptySun May 31, 2009 4:20 pm

We are in the dressing room area, standing in front of a white maskeshift table is Dr. E. Amless, he picks up his brown leather bag and places it onto the table before opening it carefully, he starts to talk to noone in particular
Amless: "It is a good thing....a new start.....and you were right to bring me back....you had become a beast, uncontrollable, incoherant."
Amless is busy taking out medical supplies as he talks, once he is finished he brings a syringe out of its packet and opens two vials
Amless: "We will just forget that little fire incident ever happened, no one got hurt and the insurance company paid up, no one needs to know...You stay with me, you can start to enjoy your life again, free from the pain and memories of before..you want to enjoy your wrestling carear? You can, trust me....but first we need to get you to finish your treatment....you are a long way from being cured..."
Amless fills the syringe and taps the side, as he starts to walk over we see who he has been speaking to...It's newcomer to the UNWA, Montgomery May he is glass eyed with no emotion as Amless rolls up Monty's sleeve the camera moves around to show a close up of Monty's eyes, as Amless injects the 'medicine' Montys eyes briefly flicker.
Amless: "You will soon be feeling your old self again....Damien X doesn't stand a chance!"-
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Monty's Here!
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