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 RAGE!!! (Part 1/2) *Closed*

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RAGE!!! (Part 1/2) *Closed* Empty
PostSubject: RAGE!!! (Part 1/2) *Closed*   RAGE!!! (Part 1/2) *Closed* EmptyFri Jun 05, 2009 3:16 am

*KGB is seen storming through the UNWA halls, full of rage. He stops to talk to a couple of stage hands.*

KGB: "Knock, knock"

Stage Hand 1: "Umm...who's there?..."


Stage hand 1: Ok, weirdo...KGB wh..."

*KGB slaps the stage hand across the face, knocking him to the ground before he can finish his question.*


Stage Hand 1: "What the hell was that for?!"

Stage Hand 2: "Who's we?"

*KGB shifts his glaze to the 2nd of the two stage hands.*

KGB: "Knock, knock!"

Stage hand 1: "Don't answer him!"


*A long silence ensues and is followed by KGB Slapping the 2nd stage hand across the face and knocking him to the ground."

Stage hand 2: "DUDE!!!"

KGB: "THE KGB WAITS FOR NO ONE!!! Now tell me where that embecile, Night Hawk, is!"

Stage Hand 1: "In his locker room like always!"

Stage Hand 2: "Dang!"

*KGB, all of a sudden, looks happy*

KGB: "Ok! Thanks guys! Too-da-loo!!!"

*KGB skips off.*

Stage hand 1: "What the hell?!"

Stage Hand 2: "I don't know, man..."

(OOC: End RP)
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RAGE!!! (Part 1/2) *Closed*
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