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 A Wounded Warrior (Open to All)

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Patrick Griffin
Mid Carder
Mid Carder

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A Wounded Warrior (Open to All) Empty
PostSubject: A Wounded Warrior (Open to All)   A Wounded Warrior (Open to All) EmptyFri Jun 05, 2009 10:39 am

We now cut live to Patrick Griffin's locker room, where we find the self-proclaimed 'Benchmark of Brilliance' gazing into a mirror; a nasty stitched wound above his right eyebrow, suffered at the hands of Ivorlebon and Aura in their gruelling tag team match last week. In the mirror's reflection we can see Patrick Griffin's trainer Teddy Fortuna slowly approaching. He is of his mid 40's, a short man of a modest build with thinning grey hear upon his head. His face is worn and battered, his nose broken long ago, and has the look of a man who has endured many hardships, and battled bravely through each one.


Teddy: "How is it champ?"


Griffin slowly raises his hand along his face, and tentatively touches the wound. Griffin immediately winces in pain, pulling his hand away and and sighing in frustration.


Teddy: "Give us a look at it."


Griffin looks into his reflection once more, shaking his head in annoyance, before turning towards Teddy. Teddy slowly puts on his glasses before leaning forward and assessing the wound on Griffin's forehead. He bends over a fraction more, and squints thoughtfully at the gash upon his fighter's head.


Griffin: "I can't believe they're making me compete with this. Look at it, clearly I'm in no condition to step into that ring. Man, if this gets split open again this could be a career-ending cut. Tell me Ted, when is the UNWA management actually gonna start taking care of the most prodigious talent in the history of this business?"


Teddy slowly leans away having evaluated the damage to Griffin's skull.


Teddy: "I dunno champ, maybe when you start putting some wins on the board... I'm telling you son; you keep throwing away matches and you ain't gonna be getting that shot at the belt we're after, you hear me?"


Griffin lowers his head, looking dejected for a moment before raising his head once more.


Griffin: "Yeah I know coach, but there's only so much I can do. There's so much politics going around these locker rooms, and when it ain't politics, its split personalities and psychotic episodes. Man I swear if it wasn't for all these madmen and cheaters keeping me down I could've been Memberstate 10 times by now. How am I meant to win matches with damn Devastator X and Nighthawk running around in damn masks or toting pist...


Teddy quickly interupts Griffin, kindlyplacing his hand on Patrick's left shoulder.


Teddy: "All you got to do champ, all you got to do is remember that when that bell rings; it's showtime. Put all that other stuff out of your head, and you just focus on what you got to do, and what I know you can do. Inside that ring it's just you and your opponent, no Devastator X, no Leon Hart, no Nighthawk, there's no fan-favorites, no politics, no nothing; once you're in that ring, that other stuff don't mean squat, alright? All you gotta do is what you do best, what you been doing all you're life, what I know no one here can do better; and that's fight. No showboatin', no sending messages, no dirty tactics, no pandering to the crowd, you don't need that, alright? You just go in there and fight your fight, I want to see what you've been showing me in training...c'mon champ, send these guys out of here in a body bag! Handle your business!"


Teddy energetically puts out his hand to Griffin, who unethusiastically shakes his trainer's hand, and rises to his feet. Teddy looks disappointingly at Griffin's lack of energy as Griffin mopes forward.


Griffin: "Yeah I know man, but the thing is it ain't just my business anymore. They got me teaming up with Lonnie again, and all week he hasn't been over to my gym once, hasn't called me once, hasn't tryed to contact me once.. you know, how am I supposed to prepare for my match, when my "partner" is on some other god-damn planet? You know if we're gonna be partnering up for match, if it was up to me we'd be in the gym together every day, but for all I know he's out getting smashed every night as some club. It's just unprofessional man, you'd think that..."


Griffin suddenly pauses as a noise is heard just outside his locker room door.

(OOC: Open to anyone here, possibly Lonnie Blanchard but not fussed at all)
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Leon Heart
Leon Heart

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A Wounded Warrior (Open to All) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Wounded Warrior (Open to All)   A Wounded Warrior (Open to All) EmptyFri Jun 05, 2009 11:42 pm

(OOC sorry just wanted to say....I love the rp!)
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A Wounded Warrior (Open to All)
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