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 A Rematch (Open to DX)

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A Rematch (Open to DX) Empty
PostSubject: A Rematch (Open to DX)   A Rematch (Open to DX) EmptyMon Jun 08, 2009 9:53 pm

[Hemorrhage appears on the titantron]
Hemorrhage: Hello UNWA! Sorry I was out last week, but I am back for tonight and more importantly, the PPV. Recently I haven't been able to get my hands on some gold.
[He sighs]
Hemorrhage: But I do have good news. Tomorrow I will be fighting Devastator X for the number one contender spot for the Hardcore Championship! I've lost to him a couple of weeks ago, but I am sure that he will be the one flat on the mat this time.

{OOC: Over to you, DX}
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Main Eventer

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PostSubject: Re: A Rematch (Open to DX)   A Rematch (Open to DX) EmptyMon Jun 08, 2009 10:41 pm

Devastator X will appear on the Gigantictron with a frown on his face. He is dressed for the ring, hand painted to the hilt. He'll begin to spew forth a little venom. -

"Well it looks like the remainder of the UNWA management team and the competition committee has decided to throw The Agenda in a few gimmick matches to try and gain a little pop off of our winning ways. They put two members of The Agenda in the Cash In Hand match to try and make some waves in our group, and now they put me in a number one contendors match for a title our stable owns. Yeah like this is going to promote unity in their eyes. So it's Hemorrhage and Devastator X for the Terror Title shot. So it's hardcore rules, anything goes, and that suits UNWA management just fine, putting the GM for Sunday night in a possible career ending match with a maniac determined to destroy seven million dollars worth of reconstructive knee surgery. My knees are worth more than Hemorrhage and all of his assets combined, and he is going to try and take them out. Not that I expect anything less from somebody as ruthless and evil as him. Well just for your knowledge Hem, or Ridge, or whatever your pals....Wait that's right you don't have any friends, confidants, or cohorts cuz nobody likes you. So Hem, you and me, in the ring, hardcore, a match best suited for a maniac like you, against all odds, up hills both ways, through a blinding snow storm, 12 miles, barefooted, on a bed of broken glass, and in the end the unprobable will happen, I'll be victorious. The light will shine down on the General Manager of UNWA Sunday Night Devastation, The Sex Freak 2000 JD, my hand will be raised high and then on Sunday night, I'll shock the world once again! Take it to the bank Hemorrhage, you might think you can put me down, but when you least expect it, from out of nowhere, KICK OF FEAR! THEN YOUR FALL FROM GRACE! It will never, EVERRRR, be the same for you A-GAIN!" -

The screen will fade as Devastator X poses doing a X Effect for the camera.
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A Rematch (Open to DX)
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