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 God Damn Dirty Rake

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Gem Stone
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Mid Carder

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PostSubject: God Damn Dirty Rake   Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:11 pm

Earlier in the night.........
We are in the back entrance of the arena as a Limo arrives, after parking up the vehicle the drivers door opens and a choufeur exits walking round to the back doors, and after adjusting his hat he opens the door and stands back
A large man is the first to exit the Limo, the man stands well over 6 foot tall and has a glittering suit on...he really doesnt seem comfortable in it.
The man has a skull type mask on his face which glitters with diamonds, he starts to wonder around before a back door to the arena opens up, out comes a small balding man who has a tobacco pipe hanging out of his mouth and is wearing a brown patchwork suit..the mans name is Professor Rubik
Rubik: "Oh for goodness sakes Gem....GEM!! Here....come here!!"
Gem focuses on where the noise is coming from and heads in the direction of the Professor
Rubik: "Ah good, they got that suit for you, bloody marvelous! This is just what the so called showbiz world of wrestling needs, some good old fashion razzle dazzle!!"
Gem looks blankly at the Professor as he nears the arena door
Gem: ".......GEM?!"
Professor: "Yes you are GEM...now get inside, I will be with you in a minute I just need to speak to the driver....my word what am I doing? Why do I bother talking to you....!"
As the Professor walks towards the driver, another vehicle pulls up, it belongs to a landscape gardening company. A man gets out and starts to unload gardening tools leaving them resting on the side of his van.
Gem appears to be intrigued by this man and starts to follow him to his van, the man gets a look at Gem for the first time and his face turns a whiter shade of pale he rushes to the door and opens it and jumps inside, we hear a locking noise as the man slumps down in his chair trying to make himself look invisible
Gem turns his attention to the tools resting against the other side of the van, as he approaches the rake he accidently steps on the head which sends the pole of the rake hurtling to Gem's head *SMACK*
Gem looking dazed and confused stalks the rake...before stepping one foot forward again...the same thing happens.....*SMACK*
Gem lurches back and lets out a *ROAR*, he cannot take it anymore as he fires forward and beats the living crap out of the rake
The rake lies on the floor broken into pieces as we hear a voice from behind Gem, it belongs to the professor
Professor: "Ah! Good man! I see we have our first victim! Ha! I just hope Hong Kong Phooey provokes you as much as the rake!...Now come on we have to make our presence known INSIDE the arena
The professor sheperds Gem inside the arena and away from the broken rake and the petrified van driver
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God Damn Dirty Rake
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