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 Wind and thunder (Open)

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Registration date : 2008-08-07

PostSubject: Wind and thunder (Open)   Wed Aug 13, 2008 10:11 pm

The crowd cheers and chants after the last match, screaming names and yelling phrases. The hall is filled with energy and power.

From afar, a whistle is to be heard, silencing the audience. As the whistle goes over the hall, a stream of wind goes through it as well, waving the hair of the people. You can see Kaluani enter in his long, whiste robe, whistling the strange song that usually goes with his entrance. He silently enters, only his whistling to be heard, and walks down the entrance ramp. The crowd still stays silent, but waves flags and posters all over the hall. Kaluani walks down to the ring, whistling all the time, then enters the ring in a slow motion, standing there in the middle of it.

He takes down his hood, looking around the crowd, then stops his whistling and the moment he stops to whistle, the wind in the hall dies down.

"Hey fans! As you well know, my last match against Theram was cancelled. No matter what, I got more than paid for that, but I am not here for nothing! I am here for two reasons!"

The Crowd wave their posters as they are looking forward to what Kaluani will say.

"The first reason is to make these shows the best there are! That is why Leon gave me the post of a VGM!"

While saying that, Kaluani points at one of the ringposts and a lightning hits that one with a very loud booming sound, the crowd cheers.

"The second one... plain and simple here ... is to fight!"

Kaluani points at yet another ringpost, and another lightning hits with a crashing noise. The crowd cheers even more.

"And for tonight, I issue an open challenge! No matter who wants to take it on in the ring, I will accept every single challenge. It's no matter if it's you, Leon, or if you, Theram want to bring your might to the ring. Or anyone else of you greenhorns out there, thinking your last win maybe brought you on the road to victory - tonight, here, in this ring, just me and a challenger!"

The crowd screams waves posters and you can hear all different names of wrestlers they want to see in the ring. You hear screams for Theram, but also names like Stray, DarkDoughboy or Double are called.

"Now, whoever you are and whatever you can do, BRING IT ON!"

That said, Kaluani points to the entrance, where a series of fireworks go off and then a small wall of fire keeps burning, waiting for a challenger to reveal himself...
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UNWA Graphics Director
UNWA Graphics Director

Number of posts : 142
Age : 35
Location : Lithuania
Registration date : 2008-08-10

PostSubject: Re: Wind and thunder (Open)   Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:05 pm

while Kaluani is waiting in the ring the lights fade out and all arena is covered in gloaming then to big spotlight starts to spin around over the crowd in different ways
comentator1: hey what is happening here and who is pinching me from the back ?
comentator2: maybe the light operator is drunk... and its not pinching it your fleas...
the spin is slowing up and the spotlights stops over the crowd at the same place other the group of fans
comentator1: ummm and what?
comentator2: i know you get your salary for speaking but hold your tongue for a minute something happening
the fans raises a placards with the letters and put them together while they are shouting Oi!! oi!! oi!! oi!! oi!!
comentator1: hey i know this a song! and its Theram entrance song!!!
comentator2: and i think i can read the word from the placards and its " I see you " oh wait they turns the other side of placards and its " The man is back in town "
comentator1: last time GM didn't let them to fight and now they back will this time we see a fight?
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Number of posts : 639
Registration date : 2008-08-07

PostSubject: Re: Wind and thunder (Open)   Thu Aug 14, 2008 3:29 pm

Kaluani gives the scenery a light grin. Then he shakes his head and leans on a rope of the ring.

"OY! Er.. Nope, I guess over here in spain, where we reside tonight, it should more be like... OLÉ !
You know Theram, it's nice you have a look after me, it's pretty have someone making himself worries about an old friend, but I think you should first think about taking on what you started and missed finishing in time...
If I get myself right, you drawed out your first match, didn't you? So stop watching, I can look for myself, and start training a bit. Y'know, just for the time when you have to face real opponents over that one from last show, where you neede a clock to survive."

Kaluani bounces off the ropes, then makes some small training gestures.

"oh, well, after making that clear, now who dares and tries my challenge? Come on there, I am starting to get bored, and if no one comes out, I have to take a pick on some commentator or stuff."

After having said that, Kaluani turns to the commentators desk, where Frankie D. is looking slightly worried while Winston "Bulldog" already points over to him.
Kaluani smiles.

"Oh, don't worry guys, that was just a joke..." With a short turn to the entrance, Kaluani yells with a booming, loud voice, equal to an enormous thunder rolling over the arena:

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Leon Heart

Number of posts : 1669
Age : 39
Location : England
Registration date : 2008-08-06

PostSubject: Re: Wind and thunder (Open)   Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:15 pm

London's Calling by The Who plays out across the arena, the crowd jump to their feet, Leon Heart strolls down the entranceway in his wrestling attire with a mic in hand, he stops halfway down and lets the music and the fans roar die down before speaking.

"You know something Madrid (the crowd voice their approval of the naming of their home city), you guys have been something else tonight, and you know what you deserve something special, the viewing public deserve something special, heck lets make the first ever General Assembly a night to remember!"

Frankie D "Oh man the GM is building up to something big here, this is going to be a huge announcement!"

Winston 'The Bulldog' "Maybe he has hired a new announcer to sit next to me?"

Frankie D "Would you stop!"

Leon "Kaluani, my newly appointed VGM, a man who will improve this show no end, and a man who is ready to fight! Im making a main event right now, right here! Kaluani and Theram in the main event tonight!"

Kaluani smiles at the news, the audience are in raptures

Leon "Hold on a minute, hold on, thats not enough, you deserve even more! So tonight there will be a double main event! Tonight right here in Madrid, Spain it will be Theram versus......Deva "The Judge" Caine

Frankie D "Hey What the hell is this?"

Winston 'The Bulldog' "Yes! I love it!"

Leon "The second main event will be Kaluani versus.....well Kal, Can I call you Kal? Well, I have given you a welcome to your new job present..I have signed an old friend, a man who you have had many wars with, a man they say is from the jungle.."

Frankie D "Oh my god, it can't be, can it?

Leon "So tonight you will be facing...

Leon, Kal and the thousands in attendance watch the entranceway for the sight of this new arrival.
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PostSubject: Re: Wind and thunder (Open)   

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Wind and thunder (Open)
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