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 Time to Bleed...(open to Patrick and anyone else involved)

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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

Number of posts : 23
Age : 46
Registration date : 2009-01-18

PostSubject: Time to Bleed...(open to Patrick and anyone else involved)   Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:20 am

The lights fade to a blood red hue, the Music "Unforgiven" starts to play.

Out from the back, A man dressed in Black Duster, Black Chaps, and wearing a Black Stetson, starts his way down to the ring. Oddly, he is wearing a blood-red bandana covering the lower half of his face. As he carefully walks down towards the ring, he is carrying a mic in his hand.

He slides under the bottom ropes into the ring. He stands up facing the ramp. He raises the mic to his face.

Bad Blood: *sighs loudly*, “So it has come to this, We will be facing one another in the ring. You have run your mouth in the past about how great you are. I am calling you out now, Patrick Griffin. You may be the king in your own head, but I know, for sure, you are not the king in the ring.

BB: “You should know, I am not going to give you any mercy. I will make you bleed.”
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Patrick Griffin
Mid Carder
Mid Carder

Number of posts : 34
Registration date : 2009-01-16

PostSubject: Re: Time to Bleed...(open to Patrick and anyone else involved)   Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:04 am

After a brief silence, the lights suddenly dim and green spotlights begin to dart around the arena.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic[/center]

Patrick Griffin slowly emerges from the curtain, making his way to the stage with an contemptuous swagger and sarcastic grin. He looks unprepared for action, wearing a stylish outfit of dark grey stone-washed jeans, a black and grey hooded jacket, a predominantly grey beanie, and an extravagant gold watch upon his right wrist. He stands on the stage, hands by his side and waits for the music to subside, with a mocking smirk still on his face. As the music quietens, Griffin raises the microphone to his lips and speaks sarcastically and degradingly.

Griffin: Oh no! Did you hear that everyone? He said he's not going to give me any mercy! He said his gonna make me bleed! What am I going to do!?

He laughs quitely to himself as he looks out towards the crowd before lowering his head, holding an arrogant smile. When he raises his head, all sense of humor has evaporated and he glares at Bad Blood and speaks with a sinister solemnity.

Griffin: I know you're new here and maybe you didn't see what I did to Z last week at Sunday Night Sacrifice. Maybe you don't fully understand just exactly who it is you're talking to, but chump let me tell you this right now, you are in no position to be making threats towards me. Let me make this perfectly clear for you, you will not try and threaten me, you will definitely not disrespect me. You will do what you are made to do; and that's shut your mouth, get in the ring, get your ass handed to you and get the hell out my sight and stay out. You can bitch about it all you want, but the truth of the matter is, that is the only reason they're even letting you in the same ring as me. I am the benchmark of brilliance and you're nothing but just another bum to put another W next to my name on my path to super stardom. Don't get upset though man, you should be feel privileged, tonight should be the pinnacle of your pathetic, little existence. Because when you're pumping gas for the rest of your life to make a living, at least you can say that you were in the same ring as the benchmark of brilliance, the prototype of perfection.. You were in the same ring as "The King"...Patrick Griffin!

Griffin lowers his microphone, and glares intensely at Bad Blood in the ring. He raises his microphone one more, speaking slowly and coldly.

Griffin: I want you to know one thing though, what happens tonight; its nothing personal, Leon Hart has led you into the slaughterhouse like the spineless coward he is. Every shriek of pain, every drip of blood, every broken bone that you will suffer tonight, is all the work of that corrupt snake Leon Hart. I know you like to call yourself Bad Blood.. Well tonight, I just call it Bad Timing.

Last edited by Patrick Griffin on Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:54 am; edited 3 times in total
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

Number of posts : 23
Age : 46
Registration date : 2009-01-18

PostSubject: Re: Time to Bleed...(open to Patrick and anyone else involved)   Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:03 pm

Bad Blood stares defiantly at Patrick Griffin.

BB: I have only two words for ya, Bring it!

BB drops the mic and gets into a battling stance.

Last edited by Badblood on Thu Feb 05, 2009 9:03 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : mispelled my own name...)
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Bleed...(open to Patrick and anyone else involved)   

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Time to Bleed...(open to Patrick and anyone else involved)
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