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 Devastator X Is Down For The Count!!! (Open to Bad Blood, Overlord, Mauler & Damien Darkness)

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PostSubject: Devastator X Is Down For The Count!!! (Open to Bad Blood, Overlord, Mauler & Damien Darkness)   Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:08 pm

Immediately after the UNWA Unstoppable broadcast, a camera will find Devastator X in the trainers room screaming in pain, clutching his left knee brace. He will rip at the dull gun metal black braces, as the trainers try to restrain him. One of his non UNWA personal trainers will speak.

Trainer: I swear it looks like another miniscule tear in the interior ligament. Somebody must have tampered with your braces Jason. There isn't any way this could have happened otherwise.

The man beast of the UNWA will fight the pain and ask the trainer a question.

Devastator X: Tim, you gotta be honest with me, I think it's a full tear, when The Mauler locked me in the Figure 4 I heard the knee pop man!!! I swear I felt it give again!! This is the sixth time my knee's gone out man!

Trainer: J, I'm not saying it's gone man, I'm saying something is wrong.

The trainer will eventually get the brace off of Devastator X's left knee and will gag a little. Tossing the knee brace directly into the garbage. Which will cause Devastator X to freak out.

Devastator X: DUDE!!! That thing cost me 2800 bucks!!!

Trainer: J, I have to give you some more bad news man, somebody put Lidacane on your brace man. I'm surprised you could even wrestle, somebody was trying to poison you as well. Whoever did this wasn't trying to kill you, but they were trying to end your career. That brace is ruined man, they loosened the screws and dipped your protective sleeve in pain killer man. The second you started sweating it reacted with your skin, like a time released date drug. In my professional opinion, your lucky you knew you were in pain. They were trying to take that knee out for good man.

Devastator X will scream in agony, and will grab his trainer, barking a order at him.

Devastator X: Am I gonna be able to get my rematch with The Mauler or NOT!?!

Trainer: Man the suits won't clear you for wrestling next week, not until you get a MRI!

Devastator X: Okay, then I know what I am going to do...Take this message to Damien Darkness. Tell him he is getting my rematch! TELL HIM TO WIN BACK OUR TITLE!!!

The trainer will rush off, leaving Devastator X in the care of other personal trainers. A door will be heard opening off screen and two forms will obscure the camera, as they attack Devastator X, forcing him to fall off the stretcher out of the camera angle. The Overlord will come into view as he grabs a folding chair from the corner of the room. Bad Blood will be seen kneeling on the obscured prone form of Devastator X who is screaming in agony. Bad Blood will be seen holding the lower leg of Devastator X immobile by the ankle and calf. The rest of the leg will be obscured from camera view by the overturned stretcher. The Overlord will take position with the folding chair over the knee area of Devastator X. The man mountain Overlord will smile and jab the chair down like a shovel towards the 'knee' of the near crippled Devastator X. The Overlord will turn as a trainer attempts to stop him from attacking the injured man, threatening the other trainers with a loaded steel chair.

The Overlord: Back off b**ches! Devastator X is going to find out what happens, when you get lippy with us!

The Overlord will look down at Devastator X, who is just writhing now, his voice unable to resonate in his state of near apparent shock.

The Overlord: Ha! Ha! I made a funny! I was all Pittsburgh Maulering on you. I'm a poet and I didn't even realize it! Earnhardt huh!?!? Earnhardt huh?!?!? I hate racing, almost as much as I hate you!

Overlord will jam that chair down onto the knee of Devastator X over and over again.

The Overlord: Guess The Agenda is getting rid of one problem, Devastator X, consider your career, ended.....

The Overlord will point to Bad Blood, and instruct, as he slides the chair under the obscured knee.

The Overlord: Finish it with your splash! Make him a cane using gimp for the rest of his life!

Bad Blood will smile as he turns to a trainer and will savate kick him out of the way to make room for improvised run area. The lethal enforcer will take several steps back and will proceed to take a short run at Devastator X, doing a flipping back splash onto the knee and chair. Bad Blood will rise and will stomp on the knee a few times just to be mean.

Bad Blood: A yes man lackey huh? Well this yes man lackey just ended your damn career funny man!

The Overlord will attempt to back Bad Blood off of Devastator X, but the fury of Bad Blood can not be contained. The mad man will grab another chair and force it closed. He will walk back over to Devastator X and will crash the chair onto the knee and other chair several times, forcing Devastator X to pass out with pain. Bad Blood will then drop the chair on Devastator X's face. The stretcher will be righted, and Bad Blood will stand up on the stretcher high above the defeated form of Devastator X. The result will be a diving knee drop onto the chair and face of the fallen antagonist.

Bad Blood: Ryan Young this b***h! I am the real bad man of the UNWA, The Career Ender, The Bad Man with the Bad Plans, I am The Agenda bitch, and we don't take prisoners!

The Overlord will drag Bad Blood off of Devastator X.

The Overlord: Dude, you have to leave enough of him for there to be an example. Now lets go party, and leave the big bad kitty man destroyed and not so pretty. Wow I'm a natural at this poetry stuff.

Bad Blood will laugh and will walk off with The Overlord, leaving a destroyed Devastator X behind to the attention of the few remaining trainers.

(Sorry this is so long, but wanted to end any input I might have in this RP session)
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The Pittsburgh Mauler
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Title Challenger

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PostSubject: Re: Devastator X Is Down For The Count!!! (Open to Bad Blood, Overlord, Mauler & Damien Darkness)   Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:02 pm

Mauler walks into the training room and sees Devastator X writhing in pain on the floor. He looks around and sees a chair laying on the floor.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: "Dang dude, what happened here?"

Mauler looks to the trainers.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: "Get this guy some ice."

Mauler looks down at Devastator X.

The Pittsburgh Mauler: "Now I know I didn't do all of this, because you weren't screaming when you left the ring. Who did this to you so I know who to look out for?"
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Devastator X Is Down For The Count!!! (Open to Bad Blood, Overlord, Mauler & Damien Darkness)
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