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 Change of show day and other bits

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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Change of show day and other bits   Thu Nov 27, 2008 11:52 am

Hi All,

As we get ready for the new season, just a few things I wanted to share with you all.

Show Date:

Thursdays show has been changed to Friday @ 22:00 server time. The reason behind this is it will give a little longer to work on both shows. I expect the cards of each show to be announced by late Sunday/Monday each week, giving plently of time for the shows to be worked on.


I am sure you all know that Aquilus was made a full time VGM during the last season, he has been doing a great job with the commentary and adding special endings and such to the Sunday show, and if you want anything added to the Sunday show please feel free to PM myself or Aquilus

I will continue to oversee both shows, with the help of Aquilus, Kaluani and BBC, however if you feel you want to add something extra please feel free to discuss this with me at any point

Guest Commentary:

As I have said Aquilus will be in charge of Sundays commentary, I will continue with Frankie & Winston on a Friday, however to try to change things up this season, if anyone want to guest commentate a match please let me know in plenty of time, I will send you the match for you to add your commentary and then you can send it back for editing and adding to the show. (obviously do not divuldge the winner of the match to anyone!)


I will announce the title limits in the next few days


Just thanks to everyone for some really great rp's over the past month or so, can I ask if anyone had long term plans that they include me in on them, as it will help when choosing matches and adding commentary. Also if you are trying to achieve a certain outcome with an rp, but you need a specific response from someone else, be upfront and let them know what you are trying to achieve it will make it less likely that someone will come along and take the rp in a completely different way!

RP Deadlines

The RP deadline will always be 16:00 (server time) the day before the show (i.e 16:00 Thur and Sat) if any RP is added after that without my prior authorisation it will not be included in the show. It is pretty hard to make sure everything is in place and late rp's throw everything out.

RP closure:

If you feel your rp has come to a close, or you would like no further additions, please clearly state, once I know the rp is complete I can add it to the show and the consign it to the rp archives, this will help greatly

RP archives:

Once an RP is added to the archives it means that is has been added to the show (or in very exceptional circumstances it may mean the rp is no longer needed and will not be ised...very unlikely to happen)

Entrances and Invitationals:

Just a thank you to those that have invested in entrances, it is the best way to help your wrestler and help the fed. Also please think about using your invitationals against other members of the fed to keep the profits and xp 'in house' so to speak


A big thank you for making this one of the best feds around! It is hard work but last season was in the main very enjoyable, and I love the rp's that have been created. Keep up the good work!


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Change of show day and other bits
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