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 Inside the UNWA II

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El Lobo
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PostSubject: Inside the UNWA II   Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:13 pm

Upon the Titantron, a studio room can be seen with Mister Steven Booth sitting in a chair. He is dressed in a fairly more fashionable dark blue suit and lives up to the role of a TV anchor.
"Greetings Wrestling Fans, and welcome to another edition of Inside the UNWA..With us today, we have none other then BBC Richard Anthony." The camera pans out to reveal, BBC Richard sitting in the chair beside Steven in the strict fashionable way only BBC can muster.

Steven: Welcome to the Show..Richard, I can call you Richard no?

BBC: I wouldnt suggest you call the man that signs your pay check anything less respectful than Mr Anthony.. but if you must be more formal i would prefer BBC.
Steven straightens up just a little and offers a little smile. "Well you dont really sign my paychecks as I work for the network..But naturally Mr Anthony."
Steven: Soo, we are all eager to know..Is there a woman in your life?

BBC: There are always women in my life, but they have all be known to become more of a drain from my time and resources than a man of my stature can afford to allow. That is why my personal assistant Miss Peel has been at my side managing my extensive resources and timetable with acute accuracy.

Steven: Ok..Well you put one Wrestler in Jail, you are known for trickery and manipulation..Are you worried that people will think that all English are Evil in nature?

BBC: Evil! not at all... of superior intelligence and breeding most definitely. I believe a set a precedence and show people of various nations why Britain is what it is and teaches them that if you mess with us we will hunt you down and twist your life, taking from you what is special, leaving you alone and under my control.

Steven: Soo, you are a Manager..A so called businessman, do tell. Will we see any new promising wrestlers in your shadow..Or will you be fighting yourself?

BBC: I think my place is on the outside of the ring and the inside of the wrestlers minds.. as for what is coming to UNWA... i provide the best... men from the deepest valleys to the west and monsters from the highest mountains in the east mwhahahaa.

Steven nods his head towards BBC and offers a smile. "It has been delightful to have you with us here tonight Mr. Anthony...And I wish you luck in the Federation..." He then turns to face the camera. "Well there you have it folks...None other then Mr. I'm not Evil just Brittish..Join us next week when we bring in some Stray from good ol US of A."
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Inside the UNWA II
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