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 Leon makes an annoucement (pretty much closed, unless someone feels they can add somethin)

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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: Leon makes an annoucement (pretty much closed, unless someone feels they can add somethin)   Wed May 27, 2009 7:36 pm

The show opens with Leon Heart in the ring, he is wearing one of his high class suits, in the corner of the ring is a large picture of El Lobo, around the picture are small flower petals, hanging over the corner is a WolfPack t-shirt
Many fans hold up signs with El Lobo's name as they await Leon to start speaking
Leon: "Tonight, I have to inform you all of some very sad news, last week we saw a violent fire and explosion that involved El Lobo's vehicle."
Leon stops and swallows hard, it is easy to tell this is a difficult speech to give
Leon: "We told you that evening we would bring you news as soon as we had it....I know that the UNWA website crashed as we had so many of you try to get information on El Lobo's condition. I am sad to say I had news just before going on air, that although as we know El Lobo's body was not recovered from the scene, it is now the belief of the police that there is a high possibility that El Lobo was killed in the explosion."
Fans start to cry openly in the arena as the crowd stay hushed and quiet
Leon: "Now all we can do is hope and pray that by a small miracle El Lobo managed to escape from the vehicle and for his own reasons has not come forward to confirm his whereabouts.....I know El Lobo would like the show to go on, but before it does....two things"
Leon lowers his head and breathes in deeply
Leon: "Whoever is perpertrating these bombings must stop. If you are watching this show I urge you to bring yourself forward before anyone else is hurt. Enough is Enough!!"
Leon moves over to the side of the ring and signals to the timekeeper
Leon: "Ladies and gentlemen, a ten bell salute in honour of the first ever Memberstate champion....wherever he is....El Lobo!"
The fans lower their heads as the ten bells ring out around the arena
After the ten bells a video package airs showing El Lobo's best moments in the UNWA........

(ooc - if anyone does want to add anything, they can do so after the video package ends)
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PostSubject: Re: Leon makes an annoucement (pretty much closed, unless someone feels they can add somethin)   Wed May 27, 2009 8:57 pm

(OOC: Not so sure, but felt to do this)

After the video stops, silence lies over the arena. It is a depressing, heavy silence. After some moments of this silence, a white-cloaked man appears at the entrance. His hood covers his face, but most people know the white cloak of Kaluani too well, and so a small murmur goes through the arena.
Kaluani slowly walks forward, his face permanently looking to the ground, his hands faltered. He walks to the ring very, very slowly. As he passes Leon, he simply nods to him, but then directly goes to the picture in the corner.
Kaluani stands there in silence for a few seconds and then kneels in front of the picture, which causes another murmur to go through the hall. Kaluani slowly pulls back his hood from his head, and then lays down a single, red dahlia next to his picture.
He stands up, nods to the picture and then whispers to the picture.

Kaluani: "I know you won't die that easily. Old friend."

Kaluani turns around to Leon and the two face each other for a moment. The expression in Kaluanis face is quite obvious and it is not only the audience who gets the feeling that Kaluani won't rest until he personally had his hand on the one responsible for that.
After those seemingly endless moments, Kaluani puts his hood back on and slowly and silently walks backstage.
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Leon makes an annoucement (pretty much closed, unless someone feels they can add somethin)
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