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 UNWA Awards: Most Improved (open to all especially Von Ryan)

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Leon Heart

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PostSubject: UNWA Awards: Most Improved (open to all especially Von Ryan)   Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:39 pm

The big screen shows some of the best matches from the nominees for most improved wrestler
Frankie D has joined us back on stage
Winston: "Nice that you could rejoin us Frankie.."
Frankie D: "Yes, um sorry about that...I erm...had a bit of toilet trouble"
Mama D shakes her head
Mama D: "That's Mama's boy...sadly!"
Winston: "Ok I think we should move swiftly on....you have just seen the nominees for the most improved wrestler and I can tell you the voting on this one has been very tight, but I believe we have a winner...Mama D, can you do the honours?"
Mama D opens the envelope and takes out the card
Mama D: "Boy oh boy this one was tough, seems the fans were split on this one honeybun! But of course they saw sense and voted for the one and only....the sexy...the enegmatic!...the hunky!....a man they often call....MINE! The most improved UNWA wrestler is.....our current Memberstate champion! VON "Mama want to ride the Express!' RYAN!!"
Mama D jumps up and down as best she can as she reappies her makeup awaiting Von Ryan to come up on stage

ooc - over to von or anyone else
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PostSubject: Re: UNWA Awards: Most Improved (open to all especially Von Ryan)   Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:57 am

Von Ryan's music hits, 'Shame' by Stabbing Westward, as the champion walks out to the stage with the Memberstate belt over his shoulder and a look of contempt on his face.
Von Ryan stops at the front of the stage while his song plays and stares out at the screaming and cheering fans of his hometown. He lifts the Memberstate belt up for Biloxi to see!
The crowd cheers!!!
The music dies down and Ryan walks over arrogantly to the commentators hosting the awards.
Von Ryan, with a look of contempt and disbelief in his voice: "MOST IMPROVED!? What is this? Some kind of comedy show? Because last I checked it was the United Nations Wrestling Federation. How dare you try to give your Memberstate Heavyweight Champion an award for most improved! To give me an award for most improved implies that I was not always THE best. But that is exactly what Von Ryan has always been, THE BEST. THE best at wrestling, THE best looking, THE best muscled, THE best champion, THE best with the ladies, THE best PERIOD! Von Ryan never had to improve at anything because he was ALWAYS the BEST! Are you trying to embaress me in front of my hometown? Huh? Answer me!"
Von Ryan cuts off anyone before they can respond: "You know what? Don't even try to give me some of your idiotic excuses. Let me tell you really whom deserves this 'most improved' award. That would be the goody two shoes GM Leon Heart that is always trying to brown nose with all these fans. And that all self-righteous god-complexed delusional fake Kaluani. And also that ex-prisoner too stupid to be caught whom crawled up from stinking sewer of a jail in England, Snake. Those three deserve this award because they must have somehow improved enough to go from training diapers to facing me in a fatal four way this Sunday for the Memberstate Championship!"
Von Ryan pauses a moment to listen to the crowd reactions before taking the award with a look of disgusted anger. He stares at it for a moment, scowling at it!
Ryan then steps over to Mama D and unceremoniously slips the award down the top of her dress and into her bosom!!! Mama D is pleasantly shocked!
Von Ryan, as he pats the trophy down Mama D's bosom twice: "Now Mama, you can be like all the pretty ladies and say that Von Ryan has given you too something big and hard."
Von Ryan, turning to the crowd raising his belt high: "The Reign of Von Ryan is HERE!"
Von Ryan leaves the stage with his hometown cheering!
(OOC : If anyone wants to add or interupt thats fine too.)
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UNWA Awards: Most Improved (open to all especially Von Ryan)
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