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 The beginning of a revolution (open to revolution)

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'BBC' Richard Anthony
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PostSubject: The beginning of a revolution (open to revolution)   Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:40 pm

Footage post Sunday show.

A furious BBC is shown ranting back and forth in his office, directing his comments to Miss Peel and Paulley, who is shown seated with a plaster on his head.

BBC: This is not right.. something needs to be done.. its wrong.. they cant attack my monster.. no one does this and gets a way with it.. i want protection for my assets, i cant let reckless individuals like these so called champions disrupt my investment..

Miss Peel: Well.. sir, i have heard that the promotion you sent your legal team to review has.. mysteriously.. gone out of business due to.. ummm errors in financial paperwork. This rather large influx of available talent has dramatically reduced the price of Free Agent transfers and as we are the first investors at the scene we have first pickings..

BBC: Excellent!



In the ring, BBC Richard Anthony stands alone. His microphone in hand, BBC addresses the crowd.

BBC: Last week despicable actions were taken against the Cash in Hand contender, my Man Mountain, Paulley... i understand that the champions of UNWA were feeling threatened by the Cash in Hand contender status Paulley won, which awards him a match against any champion to be used at hi.. my discretion. So i ask now that the participants in these actions to step forward and met me in the ring..

MemberState Champion El Lobo's music plays as he walks down to the ring followed by the Tag Team Champions Freelancer and Rolie. All three men enter the ring and stand facing BBC but Lobo takes the lead moving forward and taking the microphone for BB just as BBC says..

BBC: You champions better damn well explain yourselves before i show you a real beat dow....

Lobo pulls the microphone away and begins to reply.

Lobo: What are we doing? Pendejo. us vatos are the UNWA, the best competitors, and these belts Holmes.. these belts prove we are the cream of the crop Jeffe. I dont take likely to threats from a Gringo, and these guys here agree. You put me in Jail Holmes, you messed with my Mamacita..I was going to let it go P**a, but you started throwing your weight around, wanted to get are attention well yo lunchin holmes. I used to think you were a had Cajones man. But look at you saying your gonna learn us Loco . Have you lit a tree Vato, can't you count...There are three Vato Locos against you Gringo...

BBC smirks and clicks his fingers.. instantly this causes disruption within the crowd as out of nowhere hooded me jump the guard barriers and head for the ring, the surprised champions look bemused as they are surrounded by seven men who waste no time in attacking the trio.

Try as they might, the champions are no match for the hooded mens numbers.. over powering the champions, the hooded men continue their beat downs. As some members hold a champion restricted others follow up by delivering devastating blows, while BBC leans back at the corner simply laughing.

The hooded men continue to subdue the bloodied and beaten champions as BBC once again picks up the microphone and and walks to one of the hooded men only briefly getting distracted by Lobo struggling with some of the aggressors.

BBC: Oh El Lobo.. why do you make me do these things to you.. i swear you must enjoy it.. oh well i guess i shouldn't leave this crowd in suspense but i think its best that these new associates of mine introduce themselves..

Passing the microphone to one of the hooded members BBC leans back against the corner.

(OOC: obviously i need to confirm the group number with Revolution and we will add commentary and pictures when we put this in show... but for now i need either the leader or the individual members to introduce themselves but stay at ring side, also can JMac and JPea introduce themselves as a team.. when you guys are finished introducing let me know.)

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PostSubject: Re: The beginning of a revolution (open to revolution)   Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:00 pm

::The hooded man takes the mic from BBC, takes off his hood and starts to talk::

Hooded Man: Judging by the lack of reaction I see that you slobs out there do not know greatness when you see it. I thought that introductions would not be needed for stars of our magnitude, but you peons out there seem to live under rocks and do not recognize the one and only, Ruler of the Rink, King of the Ring, The Finnish Crash... Jarkko Ruutu.

::The crowds starts to hiss and boo::

Ruutu: Mine and my friends old federation went belly up because of some, lets say, creative book keeping and now we've been brought here to restore the order here in the UNWA. Now, let me introduce the rest of my friends. First let me introduce to you the first and only DOUBLE CHAMPION in the USPWL... of Southern Texas; simultaneously holding the Southern Texas International Championship and World Tag Team Championships. The only man to beat me in a sanctioned federation match.... everyone give a warm welcome to JMAC!!!!

::A hooded figure steps up and removes his hood, showing his face, JMac, climbs up on a turnbuckle and raises his arms to the crowd. The crowd, still displeased by the group’s actions rains down boos::

Ruutu: And his Tag Team partner and 2nd half of the Tag Team Chemical Code, the one and only JPEA!!!!

::Jpea walks forward, removes his hood and smiles and taunts the rowdy crowd::

Ruutu: Now we have a special treat for all the ladies out there ::Jarkko points towards the tallest hooded figure:: Here we have the only wrestler to have been shaped and created by the gods themselves. This is the Ultimate Ladies Man, guys please restrain your girlfriends and wives from rushing the ring in ecstasy as I introduce the man carved from marble.... SYNYSTER G!!!!

:Synyster takes off his hood and cloak. He is in his wrestling tights showing off his spectacularly shaped body. The ladies scream in delight, but booing can still be heard::

Rutu: This next man will not only out wrestle you in the ring, he will also out think you inside and out. Representing the deuchland... he is the cerebral assassin from the forests of Bavaria… he is NINGO DAS!!!!!

::Ningo removes his hood and stand emotionless near JMac and Jpea. Jarkko walks over to a beat down and exhausted El Lobo::

Ruutu: You shouldn’t have stuck your nose into this El Hobo. I was going to leave you alone to reign over this sorry excuse for a roster, but now it is my duty to take that title from you and ruin what is left of you. Enjoy that title that is around your waist “esse” because soon it will be around the waist of a true champion. Mine!

::Jarkko walks over to the beaten down tag champs, Freelancer and Rolie::

Ruutu: You two have also sealed the end of your title run. As of now I am sending the greatest tag team on earth to make your lives here in the UNWA a living HELL. Chemical Code will be all over your case like a fat kid, in this case you Rolie, on a buffet.

::Jarkko walks over to BBC::

Ruutu: Boss, we would like to thank you for bringing us here to restore the order of things. Consider your orders in good hands with us. ::Turning to talk to the crowd and the fallen champions:: We are The Revolution and The Revolution for the UNWA starts NOW!!
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The beginning of a revolution (open to revolution)
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