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 Bruise Li Video (Closed)

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Bruise Li
You Can't Stand the Danger!

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PostSubject: Bruise Li Video (Closed)   Mon Sep 22, 2008 10:18 pm

[Screen reads, "earlier today". The camera shows us a plain room, with wooden walls and wooden floor. Swords, nunchaku, and other martial arts weapons adorn the walls. Also in this room, a rather large box under a red silk curtain. Master Swee Ensowa is lighting some candles and burning some incense, and his robes look more ornate than normal, with intricate patterns of birds and dragons flying around mountaintops. Bruise Li is kneeling before the candles, head bowed.]

Master Swee: (He begins somberly) In my homeland of China, we tell the story of Wu the Wanderer. He was a great warrior from seven hundred years ago. He served no master, he merely Wandered the land, as his name would suggest, fighting against evil where ever he found it. He continued on in this way for forty years. Then one day, in his travels he encountered a mountain monastery that was under siege at the hands of a local bandit king. This remote monastary was reachable only through a narrow pass in the mountains, and Wu volunteered to face the Bandit horde at this point, in an effort to protect the peaceful monks.

[Master Swee collects himself, as this is clearly a story of great importance to him.]

Master Swee: He fought bravely against the band of brigands, but unfortunately he was mortally wounded. However, with his dying breath, he let out a might yell, channelling his chi into a mighty "Kiai!" that shook the very foundations of the mountain, which caused a landslide which crushed the bandit horde, ending the threat to the monks. Wu's body was never found however, but the monks renamed the pass after him, in order to honor his memory and his sacrifice. Since that fateful day, flocks of exotic birds not traditionally native to the region have been seen. It is said that these birds have been imbued with good fortune and the mighty spirit of the warrior. That to even be brushed by one of their feathers is to ensure victory in your next struggle.

Now, my pupil, I have made a special journey back to my homeland, and was able to retrieve two of these birds, and they will instill within you the heart of a champion. You will be assured victory this evening!

[Master Swee dramatically pulls back the cloth revealing a large cage with two, colorful and large billed birds with feathers of blue and white.]

Master Swee: [Gesturing towards the birds] With their power, coupled with your own, you El Lobo doesn't stand a chance against you.
I bestow upon you, my pupil, the Toucans of Wu Pass!

[Bruise bows before Master Swee, and the camera fades out.]
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Bruise Li Video (Closed)
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