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 My 1st interview (open to the agenda)

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Captain Howdy (Nancy)
Title Challenger
Title Challenger

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Location : Round Rock, Texas
Registration date : 2009-01-16

PostSubject: My 1st interview (open to the agenda)   Fri Mar 13, 2009 11:27 pm

*Night Hawk hears a knocking on his locker room door. He pulls out his Walther PPK and walks up to the door cautiously. He then quickly opens his door holding his gun to his unexpected guest's head.*

Night Hawk: "Do you have a match?"

Jason: "I'm afraid not. I use a lighter."

Night Hawk: "All the better!"

Jason: "Until they go bad."

Night Hawk: "So your the man who contacted me about the interview. Come on in!" It's Jason, right?"

*Night Hawk puts his gun away and pushes Jason through the door. Night Hawk then closes and locks it.*

Night Hawk: "Sorry about that. You can never be too careful and I honestly just have a really bad feeling about tonight. Please, have a seat."

*They both sit down*

Night Hawk: "Now what would you like to ask me?"

Jason: "Thank you meeting me on such short notice. I guess first of all, I'd like to ask you who gave you that gun."

Night Hawk: "Thats classified."

Jason: "Ok, then. Next, at what point in that mental institution did you decide you were a secret agent?"

Night Hawk: "That is also classified."

Jason: "Umm...can you at least tell me about your current mission?"

Night Hawk: "Not all of them because for the most part, the details of this mission are classified but I can tell you that I am looking at several suspects."

Jason: "And they would be...classified?"

Night Hawk: "Of course not. They would be Bad Blood, The Overlord, Ace Douglas, D X, Hemmorage and Mama D."

*A loud crashing noise is made.*

Jason: "What was that noise?!"

*Night Hawk Braces himself.*

(OOC: Anyone in the agenda, feel free to come in.)

Last edited by Captain Howdy (Nancy) on Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:03 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Mistake with the title.)
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Curtain Jerker
Curtain Jerker

Number of posts : 23
Age : 46
Registration date : 2009-01-18

PostSubject: Re: My 1st interview (open to the agenda)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:53 am

In runs a Stagehand, bringing in a Monitor so Nighthawk can see.
He quickly sets up the monitor, facing it towards Nighthawk.

The Monitor comes to life. The Titantron unbeknownst to Nighthawk has a splitscreen.
*interrupts an Interview of Nighthawk Sunday early *
Bad Blood appears on the Monitor and the Titantron.
BB: Oh Night Hawk, or whatever you call yourself now.
I just wanted to talk to you. You attacked Overlord last week, trying to figure out who attacked you.
Bad Blood looks offscreen, and says “ Play the Video”

Video Feed Sunday 8th, 2009
Bad Blood is in the back sparring with Overlord.

Bad Blood: You know, they matched me up with that freak again. He is getting to be dangerous.

Bad Blood lands a couple of blows against Overlord.

Overlord laughs.

Overlord: Yeah, just like they got me going against Patricia again.

Bad Blood: Dude, Did you hear that maniac? Blood from the highest peaks. Doesn't he know that he will be the one bleeding?

Overlord: Yeah, You in the Steel cage like an animal, and me dealing with some pole.

Bad Blood: Well, wish ya luck in the phoenix match, just hope its not between the two of us for the finals.

*Night Hawk jumps out of nowhere and puts a piano wire around Overlord's neck. Overlord is helpless and choking.*

"I have a few questions for you, Mr Bad Blood and you will answer them immediately and honestly or your friend here, gets it. A few weeks ago, a Mr Ace Douglas and myself were both attacked by a hired thug. This attack put me out of business for a few weeks. Did you hire that thug and if not, do you know who did?"

Bad Blood comments, “ I am not the thug that fought you or Ace. So far, you are not on my hit list. But if you don’t let Balint go, I will tear you a new one. Why don't you take your Stardust self and get the H*(( out of here.

Bad Blood seems to be losing his temper.
End Video Feed

BB: Ziggy, you ought to know that when you mess with one of us, you mess with the entire Agenda. I hope you like your life, for it is about to change.
We have had people following you all week, watching and recording what you do, when you do it, and everything else about your life.

BB looks over to the stagehand.
BB: Sir, please give him the package.
*The blonde guy steps closer to NightHawk and hands him a $20 bill. He quickly leaves the room.*

BB: Ziggy, before you wonder what that is for. Let me tell you, that is the taxi ride home.

The camera pans out, showing Bad Blood and Overlord standing behind a car, not just any car, but Nighthawk's DB5.

BB: You put piano wire around Balint’s neck, Payback is a b***h!

BB calls to Overlord, “Lets do it!”

The camera follows the car. BB and Overlord push the car up the ramp and over the edge of the parking deck. The car falls into a well placed dumpster. The camera picks up a shadowy figure moving away from the dumpster, before the impact of the car. Suddenly, the dumpster exploded, blinding the camera.

The Monitor and Titantron fades back to black.

*ooc ends Agenda part. Waiting on reaction from Nighthawk*
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Captain Howdy (Nancy)
Title Challenger
Title Challenger

Number of posts : 127
Age : 27
Location : Round Rock, Texas
Registration date : 2009-01-16

PostSubject: Re: My 1st interview (open to the agenda)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:22 am

*Jason, excited at such an interesting development, eagerly gets back to the interview.*

Jason: "Night Hawk, your thoughts?"

*Night Hawk, surprisingly, has a rather calm look on his face.*

Night Hawk: "You know, thats rather funny because I've been following you all week as well. I knew your little plan all along. What you destroyed was a fake. But I'm still not at all happy that you tried to destroy my car. This calls for revenge. You see this watch I am wearing? Among many other things, it serves as a remote control to my real car and for your information, it's an Aston Martin 66' DB5."

*Night Hawk presses a button on his watch and it starts glowing red. On the Megatron screen, there is a shot of the parking lot.*

Night Hawk: "What you are seeing is the parking lot through the view of my front wind shield. Like I said, I've been watching you all week and I know what you have been driving up to this point as well, Mr Bad Blood. I say this because your monster truck is about to go out with a bang if you might."

*Night hawk starts rotating the rim of his watch left and right. On the megatron, you can see the car weaving through the parking lot in 1st person until it stops with Bad Blood's monster truck in plain sight.*

Night Hawk: "Say so long"

*Night Hawk presses a button on his watch and on the megatron, two rockets come from either side of the screen and explode Bad Blood's monster truck.*

Night Hawk: "So, Mr Jason, any final questions or comments?"

Jason: "WHAT?! HOW?! When did you get rocket launchers installed in your car?! How did you do that?! Did that just happen?! Whats with the fake British accent?! Are you crazy?! Where did you come from?! How did you convince the people from the mental institute to release you?!" Wha...?!"

Night Hawk: "No. No more questions. Thats all classified. We are done here. I have just one more thing to say. Bad Blood and the Agenda, this is not over."

*Night Hawk exits the building calmly and cooly, leaving Jason with a strong expression of fear and confusion.*

(OOC: End rp. This is gonna be a fun rivalry I can tell already. afro )
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PostSubject: Re: My 1st interview (open to the agenda)   

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My 1st interview (open to the agenda)
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