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 The most hated Wrestler of the UNWA - Timelord

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PostSubject: The most hated Wrestler of the UNWA - Timelord   Mon Mar 30, 2009 10:08 pm

Winston looks at the next award category and shakes his head in disgust, he carries on regardless.

Winston: "The next award is for the most hated wrestler of the UNWA....now this would not normally be the type of award you would neccesarily want to 'win' but I think the winner of this award will be delighted!"

Mama D steps up to Winston and looks at him with a puzzled face.

Mama D: "You know who has won this without looking?!"

Winston: "I think it's pretty obvious.

Winston opens the envelope and looks at the card.

Winston: "..these are the reason the fans listed as to why the winner will pick up this award....this man continued the abomination that is The Revolution..he took them to new dasterdly heights, bringing stonger and madder men on board, creating the ultimate stable. This man helped put our General Manager Leon Heart in hospital, not knowing whether he will ever be back in the UNWA. This man laughs in the face of kindness, spits in the face of honour. This man even appears to have done a deal with the unknown Hooded Man! He is so hated even his dog ran away!"

Mama D: "It says that all on the card? Let me see?!"

Mama D grabs the card out of Winston's hand and her face drops!

Mama D: "Most Hated!! My Timey!! Surely there must be some mistake!! What do you morons know anyway!"

The fans in the crowd start to boo Mama D.

Winston: "Well, I can't believe I supported this man and The Revolution in the early months! Here is your most hated UNWA wrestler.....TIMELORD!!!"

The fans boo louder than ever as they await the leader of the revolution

Tmelord comes out as the booing intensifies, he is loving the attention and raises the Rev belt high for all to see.

Timelord is wearing a t-shirt with the words printed on the front.

Where Is K-9?

First of all he winks towards Mama D and says, "Later" ,causing Mama to blush.

Then he turns his attention to Winnie.

"You sir are nothing but a glory hunter, one minute with us next against us. We buried Leon do you Winston want to join him? I'm sure the hole will be big enough for your fat ass ha ha."

"To business Most Hated ME! Why? What did I do ha ha?"

"Anyhow this award isn't just for me as a few guys helped to make me Most Hated, so let's bring out Rev 3.0 as some would say."

"A lord of chaos and surely most evil man in Unwa. What does this crazy man have to do next?"

"Tyler Ford no titles till he joined us and more to follow i'm sure."

"MMJ top superstar and constant contender since joining Rev. Hadn't won a singles match prior to joining us."

"Mr.Minder best bodyguard money can buy which i did ha ha."

"El Cartographer trainee on way to greatness with Aquilus teaching the error's of his way's."

"We have enemies but also fans too and this award is for them, especially the fans Vain Ryan attacked in Holland."

"As long as I'm in this fed havoc will be spelt REV ha ha!"

"At the ppv Wolf Pac vs Rev for tag team gold listen well, Minder and a partner of my choosing are making a challenge to the new champs for first crack at the title's."

"An all Rev match would be a classic nut I'm not fussy ha ha."

"Kal I haven't forgotten about you either, Minder wants you too real soon ha ha. Oh Bruiser Bob be careful with making open challenges in the future as Minder loves all gold."

"Now I have wasted enough of my time, let's go."

Rev exit to a chorus of abuse!
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The most hated Wrestler of the UNWA - Timelord
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