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 Anger management issues (Open to BBC)

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The Silent Man
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PostSubject: Anger management issues (Open to BBC)   Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:59 am

(OOC: I left a few places in blue where BBC can write his part of the dialogue.)

Doctor Sotsog walks confidently to BBC's door and knocks it. With him is The Silent Man. The voice of BBC can be heard through the door.

BBC: "Come in."

Sotsog enters the room with The Silent Man. BBC's enforcer Paulley is also in the room. Sotsog greets BBC politely.

Sotsog: "Mr. Anthony."

BBC: "Doctor."

The Silent Man takes a place at the corner of the room, staring at Paulley. Paulley stares back at him.

Sotsog: "Last season was a huge success. Well, the revolution didn't really make it, and I am truly sorry that your plans with them didn't work out in the best way. But we are a force inside the UNWA that will be truly dominant. With Your gracious financial support, I have been able to bring Chatty close to his full potential. And now our monsters, or whatever one wishes to call them, hold two of the UNWA-titles"

BBC's reply

As BBC and the doctor are talking, Paulley walks up to The Silent Man.

Paulley: "Grunt..."

The Silent Man: "..."

Neither BBC nor Sotsog is paying attention to the two wrestlers.

Sotsog: "But there is more to be had. I don't like the Wolf Pack, and they are going for the tag team titles. But Paulley and Chatty would make a tremendous tag team. Picture their power and merchandise value. Not to mention two title-belts for both of them."

Paulley stares at Chatty at the corner of the room. Chatty is staring back.

Paulley: "Grrr..."

The Silent Man: "..."

Suddenly Paulley takes a swing at The Silent Man cathing him off guard. Chatty is knocked down by the force of the blow. Chatty looks angry, stares at Paulley and clenches his fist.

BBC could now note that it seems the two wrestlers are not really friendly enough to form a tag team and command Paulley to stop.

Sotsog: "Chatty, don't you hit Paulley, or you will regret it!"

The Silent Man sighs and takes a more comfortable sitting position on the floor. Paulley backs away staring at Chatty with an angry look on his face.

Sotsog: "Yes, they are not really best friends. I really don't understand where that comes from. But I think I have a good idea of solving this. Wrestling therapy really works, it is after all my invention. We should put those two in the ring against each other so they can resolve their anger issues with each other."

Sotsog looks delighted with his idea.

Sotsog: "And think of the value of that match - champion versus champion!"

BBC could suggest the belt dropping -thing here, to make the match even more exciting for the audience.

Sotsog: "Hmm... Good idea. I'm sure if Paulley were to lose he would have no trouble getting the title back. But if it was Chatty who lost, then I have a favour to ask. Bodders has joined my 'stable', so to speak. And I need to reel him in and if the Pride-title were to be vacated I would really like to give him a shot at that title. Giving some gifts would ensure his loyalty in the future."

BBC can reply here.
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Anger management issues (Open to BBC)
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