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 Stormy Waters. (Rp for Stray vs Captain Parkes, Open)

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Title Challenger

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PostSubject: Stormy Waters. (Rp for Stray vs Captain Parkes, Open)   Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:40 am

The cameras show Stray back in the locker room as he's sitting upon one of the benches, a bag open next to his feet as he begins to wrap his wrists, preparing for his match as he mumbles to himself.

Stray: "I've got to kick this losing streak. Can't really be "championship material" if I keep losing."

Stray sighs as he finishes wrapping. Standing up, he stretches lightly before punching his fists against one another. Stray notices the camera, turns to it, then stares through it.

Stray: "Captain Parkes, tonight will be the start of my winning streak. Tonight, your ship enters uncharted waters, and tonight your ship will sink. It's nothing personal, mate."

Stray smirks as he leaves the locker room.

(Ooc: Captain Parkes is more than welcomed to respond to this. Bruise Li as well, if he's still hanging out with the good Captain.

To progress my Rev/Stray/Anti-rev angle, Rev should show up again. Either confront Stray and have some sort of discussion, or a pre-meditated ambush on his opponent, Captain Parkes. ((Given that he doesn't have a problem with that. xD )) )
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Captain Parkes
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Title Challenger

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PostSubject: Re: Stormy Waters. (Rp for Stray vs Captain Parkes, Open)   Fri Nov 14, 2008 8:36 am

(OOC: Bruise is still hanging with me. But is unavailable due to real life getting in the way at the moment. Also I'm okay if the Revolution want to stick their noses in again. Makes things more interesting.)

*We find ourselves in the arena carpark, the camera shows Captain Parkes staring quietly off into the distance. Bowing his head slightly Parkes appears to be readying himself to face upto the impossible*

Backstage Reporter: "Captain Parkes, can we have a moment of your time to discuss your upcoming match against Stray?"

Parkes turns his head slightly and glances towards the reporter and his camera crew, "My match with Stray tonight is the furthest thing from my mind right now," begins the Captain, "Tonight out there not all that far away my comrades are assembling onboard my ships and preparing to take the fight to the doorstep of our enemies. Something I have been attempting to do here in the UNWA. And everytime I get close to my goal something or someone sticks their nose in the way and costs me my chance."

Parkes turns again to look out across the carpark, "Tonight Stray says that he will end his losing streak by beating me in the ring. I say let him try because no-one here has seen exactly what I'm capable of yet. I'm not feared across the Caribbean because I'm a nice person. I'm ruthless, fearless and without mercy to those who stand in my way. And tonight that happens to be you Stray, so if you really want to win tonight then bring your A game and then some, because tonight I go on the war path."
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Stormy Waters. (Rp for Stray vs Captain Parkes, Open)
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