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 Oncoming (open to Silent Man, and VGM's)

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'BBC' Richard Anthony
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PostSubject: Oncoming (open to Silent Man, and VGM's)   Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:50 pm

Outside the arena Paulley and BBC are shown laughing at the edge of the car park alongside the main road half hidden by a one of the work crew's trucks.
The camera backs out to show Silent Man walking up to the two men; slightly confused by their laughter.
BBC: "Hey, looky look its the other monster THE-SILENT-MAN.. woo wooo.. haha.. before you ask dear chap cus i know your dying to know why im not in my office. Well i tell you its because im hiring the office space out to this nice fellow, makes brilliant tea, to help with the financial crisis.. you know cus the world economy went boom along with most of my money.. my my beautiful money."
BBC begins to look sad as his head tilts towards the floor, Paulley quickly taps BBC on the shoulder and Richard mood begins to pick up.
BBC: Is it another one Paulley? oh good... hey Silent Man watch this, its hilarious.
With that Silent Man looked even more confused as he saw a car coming up the road toward them, as the car got close, BBC and Paulley inexplicably jump straight out infront of it the cars screeches and slides off the road into the embankment.. the camera zoom back onto the tree men, Paulley with his child like expression covers his eyes, BBC with a smirk on his face covers his ears, while a shocked Silent Man just covers his mouth.

(Kinda setting up BBC as having a suspected mental breakdown due to the global economic crisis, or maybe because something/someone is making him that way)
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Oncoming (open to Silent Man, and VGM's)
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