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 Devastator X - The Aftermath of The Agenda (This needs to air before the Phoenix Title match)

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PostSubject: Devastator X - The Aftermath of The Agenda (This needs to air before the Phoenix Title match)   Sat Mar 14, 2009 4:16 pm

A interview will air on Sunday's show. It will take place in a doctor's office, with obvious Spanish writing on the walls. There will be a scene of a examination room, and Devastator X in his alter ego, Jason Davis, will be seen conversing with what appears to be a doctor. The camera will pan in as the doctor takes some charts and walks out of the room, leaving Devstator X to address the people watching the footage.

"Well gang, I'm here in Doctor Castavillas office just getting the news about mr MRI, and the knee injury I suffered at the hands of my attackers, The Agenda. The prognosis doesn't look bad, but it could have been alot worse. Doctor Castavillas informed me that the tear in my knee isn't as bad as they thought, and I may not require surgery. That said, The Agenda has managed to shelve me for atleast a month, while I rehab and physical therapy back to 100 percent. With that said, I am not leaving the UNWA during my rehab, I'm going to be around more than ever. I'm going to be waiting for Overlord and Bad Blood around every corner, in ever shadow, and with the ultimate intent to change their lives forever. It's starting this Sunday, the Phoenix Title match, I promise to be ringside, and I promise that neither of you are going to enjoy your victory, but I'm going to love it."

A door will open and a femal will walk into the camera shot, it is none other than The Overlord's female companion and manager, Jessica Justice. Devastator X will smile as the attractive women will slide up beside of him on the examination table. The man beast of the UNWA will smile and continue addressing the fans, and The Agenda.

"Oh and B, while you've been plotting my downfall, and The Agenda's run at title gold, you've neglected somebody very close to you. Jessica Justice, the real heart of your little Agenda. She is the brains behind the brawn, and she's now in my employment, cause she digs The Freak in me. Oh and she really digs The Freak in her as well. Remember way back when, you dumped that beer on me, and reminded me what The Agenda was really all about. Well back then I decided that I was going to show you that The Stable of Darkness was more than just evil, it's freakin mega evil. That's much more evil than your level of evil, we're so evil we have a hometown, E-Ville, mayored by Mayor McEvil, or Damien Darkness as the UNWA has come to know him. Now My Agenda is much more better than your Agenda, cause my Agenda has evil ass, and your Agenda has Bad Blood, not evil ass. Now that you've guys have given me a refueled purpose in life, expect to see me in a little different light. The light of the friggin bedroom doin ya woman B-I-A-T-C-H! Oh!!! Cause The Sex Freak said so."

Devastator X will kiss Jessica and then hop off the announce table, revealing his new look, The Sex Freak 2000 JD. As he stands there making X crotch chops at the camera another figure will walk into the shot. A 7' tall masked man will partially obscure the camera and all that will be heard is.....

Masked Wrestler: I am El Bad-Guy-O! And I hear-O you need-O a favor-O, my amigo-O, The Sex Freak 2000 JD-O!

The camera will cut and the feed will go black.
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Devastator X - The Aftermath of The Agenda (This needs to air before the Phoenix Title match)
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